For 50 Years, A A Saw & Tool Company has been serving the Sharpening Industry with Superior Quality.  The Company was founded in 1964 by  Nancy and E. F. (Whitey) Sauer.  Whitey was an Ambitious Professional dedicated to the finest quality of service.   In 2006 Nancy passed away and Whitey has since retired and moved to Arizona for his health and happiness.  In 1994 Whitey left the business in the hands of his Son-in-Law, Craig, and Daughter, Diane.  His children continue to adhere to his high standards. After 20 years of Business, Craig and Diane have accumulated a wealth of experience and skill that has earned a remarkable reputation as a leading Sharpening Service  Company.

     In 2012 Craig and Diane are pleased to report that their Daughter, Ruth and Son-in-Law, Jeff have joined the Company to continue a Legacy of Fine Service in the Sharpening Business. Diane and Craig McInturff and Ruth and Jeff Jensen combine their strengths to create an unbeatable force in putting an edge on virtually anything that needs sharpening.  They intend to always operate with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship.

     Dear Valued Customers and Friends, 

     There are things in this life that are out of our control. One of these events is the passage of time. 

     When Nancy and Elmer 'Whitey' Sauer established AA Saw and Tool in 1964, it was pretty safe to say that they really had no idea that their Company would be still going strong 50 years later. Then as time marched on, in 1994, Diane and Craig stepped in to help out and learn the sharpening business. It is hard to believe that has been 20 years ago! And so, as it stands now, Momma Nancy has passed away and Whitey has retired happily to Arizona and is doing just great. Diane and Craig are slowly, but surely loosening the reins of A A Saw and Tool as their kids, Ruth and Jeff Jensen get more experienced in the running of the Family Sharpening Business.

     AA Saw took quite a hit on September 11 and the Economy has been slow for the Sharpening Business. Therefore, it is very challenging for a Small Business to support two families. But our Heavenly Father has always seen fit to give us what we need and He shall continue to lovingly care for us. This is one reason we must make these major changes.

     Today, Craig drives a School Bus and helps in the shop when needed with tricky sharpening challenges. He also is helping Ruth with Bookkeeping Challenges and Office Work.

     Diane now also is driving a School Bus, helps with Sharpening Carbides and Helping Ruth. Do not be surprised if you see her out on the Delivery Route helping out. Diane loves to drive and she loves her Customers. She will miss seeing her Peeps! 

     Ruth, when she is not Driving a Bus also, will Organize Delivers for AA Saw, Sharpen Customer's Items, Perform Bookkeeping Tasks, Do Filing, Help Customers, Keep the Data Base Up to Date and generally keep things going smoothly.

     Jeff will be the Delivery Man, be our Public Relations Man, Sharpen Paper Knives and Zamboni Blades and everything else us Girls and Craig do not do.

     And so, from Mother (Nancy) to Daughter (Diane) to Daughter (Ruth) this Company known as AA Saw will continue to thrive as we all work hard together to perform a service of integrity and honesty, the way that our parents have instilled in us. We shall continue to give a great product; to do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it. And so, from Father-in-Law (Elmer) to Son-in-Law (Craig) to Son-in-Law (Jeffery) we shall all work hard to run a organization with which we can all be Blessed us and our Customers and especially our Heavenly Father. 

     Thank You for your patronage these many years. It is an honor to do business with you and to call many of you friends. Thanksgiving and Blessings to you and yours, Craig and Diane McInturff, Jeff and Ruth Jensen.  Please direct calls to Jeff, but do not hesitate to call any of us if you have any Questions or Concerns or Comments or Praise.

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